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Tabloid Men – Mark Wahlberg

Another fresh week and time to feast your eyes upon a new and hot tabloid men scene this afternoon just like always. And this one is as juicy as the rest too. As you know, this site is the best go to place when you want to see some lovely and sexy studs getting some action on the big screens and showing off some superb bodies with the occasion too. Every week there’s a brand new guy in the mood to expose himself for all to see and there’s no way you can pass up the chance to see this one here unfold in front of your eyes with the one and only Mark Wahlberg. The guy can be seen in a scene with a babe this time as they fuck hard so let’s check it out.

Mainly because y’all get to see some juicy views of the guy’s sexy round ass in this tabloidmen scene! Sit back and relax as you get to see him and this cute babe with long, brown curly hair as they get to have some action on his desk and no one is there to disturb them from the whole thing. Take a good look at his hot naked body as the babe begs him to plow her faster and harder throughout the whole thing. It’s stunningly amazing to see it all go down and we hope that you will have fun with it. As per usual we have to take our leave, but the scene remains with you, and you’d do well to check out the past scenes too if you want to see even more galleries!


Enjoy watching Mark fucking this hot redhead!

Tabloid Men – Matthew Goode

Hi there again guys and gals and welcome back to an all new and all fresh tabloid men scene this week. We promised you some more juicy and hot scenes and we are here to bring them to you all without delay. This time we get to watch the hot stud Matthew Goode in action with a new scene and it looks quite hot to say the least. You will get to see the guy in a scene where his character and his girlfriend get to have some alone time so you can see the stud in action properly getting to plow a cute babe. Anyway, we guess you’re quite eager to check it out by now so let’s jus get the show rolling to see him getting down and dirty without delay shall we?


As the fresh and new tabloidmen scene gets underway, the guy and the babe get in the small bed to have their little fun. And once there, you can take the time to see the guy making sure that the babe is properly pleased as well. And you can tell by her loud pleasurable moaning that he was doing a great job. But we know you’re here to see the hot stud Matthew not the babe. Anyway, you get to see some great angles on his truly incredible and amazing naked body, so take your time to explore them all one by one in this scene with the hot actor. We’ll be seeing you all again next week with a brand new scene, so stay tuned to make sure that you see it without fail guys!

Check out Matthew Goode in this hot scene!

Ryan Reynolds Naked

With the recent release of the movie Deadpool, it’s time to see a thematic tabloid men scene here featuring the star in the leading role of that movie. And that is of course mr Ryan Reynolds. The guy playing Deadpool knows huge success as of late so we thought it would be fitting to show off some scenes with the hot guy getting to expose his sexy body on camera for the viewers. And my what a treat it is to see him in action too. If you are curious enough and want to see just how good mr Reynolds can look, then take a seat and watch this tabloidmen scene featuring him along side his amazing naked body today as well. You will be impressed!

The scene itself has Ryan taking a skinny dip in the pool and by the looks of it, he did it all naked. Well he looks smoking hot with those muscles all exposed and you have to give it to him for being in such great shape. Anyway, do take the time this afternoon to check out this juicy scene as you get to watch Ryan getting around to get out of the water and show off that all nude and all wet body of his for the scene. It makes for some great shows to be sure and more will follow next week. So you know the drill, enjoy this one and drop by to check out even more. And we will have quite the juicy ones to show off next time. Take your time and have fun!


Take a look at Ryan Reynolds exposing his ripped body!

Tabloid Men Stephen

Hey there again. We’re back with all new tabloid men scenes to show off and today we have something a bit different. We wanted to spice things up a bit for you with this gallery so we get to watch the sexy Stephen in action this afternoon as he gets to show off his amazing body for you all. And it’s even better since Stephen here is a fine looking black stud with rippling muscles and always a big smile on his face. Take your time to sit back and relax as you get to watch this scene unfold in front of your eyes and you can see a pretty sexy looking black man showing off his superbly hot muscled body in a sexy tabloidmen scene this afternoon!


The scene starts off with the guy entering the photo shoot session wearing only his Speedo and you can see that he’s looking just gorgeous.  Well take your time to see him starting to pose around and watch that body exposed from every single angle possible this afternoon. He’s pretty happy to get to show off for you and expose his muscular body from every single angle today too. And do stick around to check out the whole thing as you get to see him pose sensually and kinky as well by the end too. Have fun with Stephen and his naughty scene today and we’ll see you again soon with a brand new and fresh update. Bye bye for now guys and gals!

Check out Stephen exposing his fit body!

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch is this week’s new guy that can be seen showing off that sexy body in the fresh tabloid men scene and you can see it only here. He’s not alone though as he gets to star along side another stud that’s just as ripped and sexy as he is and they both seem to be surrounded by cute babes as well. And they were all wearing swimwear too as this takes place at a swimming pool as you can see. Anyway, Take the time to watch these two studs getting ogled by all the hot babes in the room while they show off their bodies on camera and we bet that you’ll enjoy seeing these juicy tabloidmen views yourselves. Anyway, let’s get the show started.

If you want to know what the movie was about, go check it out yourselves, but we’re here to take a look at this stud and his czech hunter buddy as they show off their bodies on camera. Like we said, the babes were quite curious and rightly so as they had just gotten there. And they always are the center of attention as they get to be around babes, this time especially, as they remove the robes and show off that they are sporting only the swimwear tights on them. Anyway, take the time to see Taylor and his buddy showing off their bodies on cam and enjoy the show. We’ll see you again soon once more with some all new and all fresh galleries. Until then, goodbye everyone!


Watch here Taylor showing off his ripped off body!

Tabloid Men – Josh Hartnett

Another fresh week and time to see another tabloid men update with another hottie of a male actor showing off his body for you and looking great while he does it as well. You know that there’s always a new scene every week featuring that that you can see and check out and rest assured that this gallery here is no different. This scene brings you the hot stud Josh Hartnett in action as he gets to show off that juicy tight booty for you all and you can check out the whole gallery to enjoy the sight. So let’s not delay any longer and beat around the proverbial bush, and let’s just get to see some incredibly hot and sexy tabloidmen scenes going down again!


Well, this scene has the guy waking up in the morning after he and his gf had some naughty fun in bed the night before. And he seems to have gotten up first. You can take your time to see the stud showing off that cute round butt on camera as he gets up and takes a walk around the room to gather his clothes. So while he does that, you can enjoy the fully amazing view of his sexy body being paraded around for your viewing pleasure the whole time. As usual, do take your time with it as it’s best to admire every image and see the superb greatness than miss it. Anyway, we’ll be back again next week with another new scene and you’ll get to check it all out only here! Check out the site if you wanna see a big cocked shemale playing with her big cock!

Check out Josh Hartnett showing off his hot body!

Cristiano Ronaldo

This week’s new tabloid men scene has a Brazilian theme to it and by the title alone you should be able to tell that this is pure greatness to say the least. YES! Today you get to see the one and only football hunk Cristiano Ronaldo as he gets to show off his body in a incredible nude session of photo shooting. And you can take your time to enjoy every single inch of that superb well sculpted sporty body of his as well. We figured it was a great scene to show off and quite fitting of the title tabloidmen for the week as well. So let’s not delay any longer and just get the show going as we bet you’re all just eager to check out Ronaldo without delay today!

Like we said, this was an exclusive shoot he ended up doing for a national magazine for ladies and well, as you can see, the whole pictorial is present here. There was some digging around involved in order to bring it to you all but as you can observe it makes for some delicious sights to behold. So take your time to watch the one and only stud Ronaldo as he gets to show off his amazing body to you all. Just take your time to check out each and every single image in this collection and enjoy it. We’ll be seeing you all again next week with a brand new update. Until then there’s plenty to see and we bet you’ll get nice fantasies out of this too. See you soon! Also you might visit the Amy Daly site if you wanna see a big cocked shemale massaging her big fat cock!


See Cristiano Ronaldo exposing his six pack!

Tabloid Men Clive Owen

Today’s new and sexy tabloid men scene has another special update for you to check out. In this one we want to bring you a scene with the one and only stud Clive Owen as he gets to show off his body fully nude on camera and naturally you all get to check out the action that goes down and see him fully nude too. So let’s get right to it as we bet you are all curious. The scene was quite awesome to be honest and Clive seems to have had fun with it too because they had to do a few takes of it during the shooting. But anyway, do sit back and relax as you get to check out a superbly hot and sexy tabloidmen scene once more on your screens without delay!


The scene begins with him standing all naked besides a wall and as you will see he will be getting a hose cleaning this afternoon. Why? well, you need to watch the movie for that. The only thing that you get to see her is the guy’s fully nude body put on camera. So take your time to see him undress and as he walks to his spot you can see each and every single inch of his body revealed to you all nude too. We hope that you enjoy the show with Clive Owen this afternoon and rest assured that there will be more to check out next week as well. See you then and take your time with it. You don’t want to rush perfection now do you everyone? If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the site and see some big cocked t girls jerking off!

Enjoy watching Clive Owen posing completely naked!

Chris Messina Stripping

Hey there again everyone. Welcome back to a new and hot tabloid men scene with some more sexy actors for you to see. As you know, this site deals mostly with the males, but rest assured that there’s always something new to check out and see. Due to popular demand, this week we get to check out a scene featuring Chris Messina in some stripping action in a scene taken out from his latest movie. So take your time to sit back and relax as you get to check out some juicy and hot scenes with this guy in the new and fresh tabloidmen scene that we have for you. We can guarantee that you wont be able to take your eyes off of it for a good while too.

Anyway, as the scene starts off, you can see that he’s all solo in the apartment and he wants to practice some stripping for his girlfriend when she comes home. So naturally, he gets to make himself a nice little outfit from some clothes and then starts to remove them. Check out each and every single image in this juicy scene here and see the hot and horny Chris Messina showing off that muscular and sexy body that he has on cameras for you in the juicy strip tease session. So like we said, check out all the images and do make a come back next week for another new and fresh scene with another movie star getting nasty. We’ll be seeing you then! For more action, enter the Czech hunter site and see some very good looking men getting ass fucked!


Enjoy watching Chris Messina showing off his hot body!

Tabloid Men Chris Evans

Hey there guys. Man do we have a special update this week for you featuring some sexy tabloid men once more. You remember the recent movies with the Avengers and captain America and stuff right? Well as you know, the cap is played by the Actor Chris Evans and everyone knows that. So naturally lots of ladies and gents too, are swooning for the guy and understandably so. But did you know that you can see the hot stud in some juicy action in some past movies he got to do? Mr Chris Evans here has a scene that tabloidmen discovered and you get to see him getting a tad kinky in it as well. So let’s check it out without delay shall we?

tabloid-men-chris-evansIn one past movie, Chris got to do a nice little strip show on a stage all by himself and as you will see, he looks simply dreamy. Take your time to see him in action and start off already shirtless so that you may watch his perfectly sculpted torso shown off. Then he moves onto the pants and as he pulls them down you can see that he’s wearing boxers. well, we’ll leave the rest up for your imagination and you to discover in terms of just how naughty this scene gets to be. And with that we have to take our leave. Have fun seeing Chris Evans play in this juicy little scene and do make sure that you come back around next week for a new and hot update! Check out the CineMale site if you wanna see other hot males getting naked!

Watch Chris Evans stripping off in front of the camera!