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Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch is this week’s new guy that can be seen showing off that sexy body in the fresh tabloid men scene and you can see it only here. He’s not alone though as he gets to star along side another stud that’s just as ripped and sexy as he is and they both seem to be surrounded by cute babes as well. And they were all wearing swimwear too as this takes place at a swimming pool as you can see. Anyway, Take the time to watch these two studs getting ogled by all the hot babes in the room while they show off their bodies on camera and we bet that you’ll enjoy seeing these juicy tabloidmen views yourselves. Anyway, let’s get the show started.

If you want to know what the movie was about, go check it out yourselves, but we’re here to take a look at this stud and his czech hunter buddy as they show off their bodies on camera. Like we said, the babes were quite curious and rightly so as they had just gotten there. And they always are the center of attention as they get to be around babes, this time especially, as they remove the robes and show off that they are sporting only the swimwear tights on them. Anyway, take the time to see Taylor and his buddy showing off their bodies on cam and enjoy the show. We’ll see you again soon once more with some all new and all fresh galleries. Until then, goodbye everyone!


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