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Tabloid Men – Robbie Amell

The main man of this tabloid men scene here is none other than the well known star named Robbie Amell and he has a special little gallery to show off to you all this afternoon. This is from his most recent movie and as you can see, it’s the exact cut of him getting naked and kinky for the cam. He gets to do this at the locker room with some company, but it seems that the plot required him to get nude, or at least semi nude. That’s no problem though as there’s plenty of him to see in this tabloidmen gallery and he know he’s going to have your attention for the whole thing. So sit back, and enjoy seeing him all shirtless and being the tease that he usually is too!

The man had to work out and put on quite some muscle for this role and it really shows in how good he looks. He seems really really eager to get to show this off to you so you can bet that you will enjoy it. It’s a scene that was featured at as well, so you can take the time and visit that site too if it’s to your tastes. But moving on past that subject, sit back and watch the guy just posing shirtless around the lockers and being a tease as we said. We’re sure that you will adore him and you can rest assured that there will be more of him in future shows too. We’ll be off for now, leaving you to enjoy the whole treat too!

Robbie Amell

Watch here this guy posing shirtless!