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Tabloid Men – Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier is today’s tabloid men guest star as it were and you can bet that you have some juicy things to see involving him today. See, the guy was on vacation, but his paparazzi are never taking a break and they were really really eager to get to see this guy more naked. That’s why they got to trail him to a beach and they got to have some fun shooting pics of him enjoying and relaxing. So sit your asses down as well and take your time to check out this nice and fine tabloidmen scene with Adrian as he gets to have his fun at the beach. We can guarantee that you will get to see him wet and acting naughty today too!

The guy seems to be there all alone which is great as there’s not many people around either and no one seems to recognize him either. Well, once the action truly begins, the guy claims his spot on the beach and then just goes for it in the water. See him getting nice and wet and you can take the time to enjoy him sunbathing today. If you stick around for just a little longer you will see him take off the pants too as he wants an equal tan all over his hot body too. So yeah, enjoy the whole thing and we’ll return once more in the future with some more new content! Until then, just enjoy this one and have fun!


Take a look at Adrian’s hot body!