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Tabloid Men – Steven Beck

You want more tabloid men action guys? well you are in just the right place to get that today. There’s a new movie star playing in this one called Steven Beck ad he’s ready to get to put on display that body of his for the afternoon. Let’s just let those cameras roll and get to see another amazing stud having some fun with the whole thing and for you shall we? we can tell your right now that this new gallery featuring this guy is juicy hot and you can see him be naughty outdoors. His tabloidmen scene has him playing at his private residence near a lake and you can see the guy go skinny dipping thing fine afternoon in the show.


By the looks of it, the guy is on vacation and this ebony stud was ready to let loose and unwind a bit today y’know? So yeah, he had the place all to himself and in addition to that, his summer retreat has a dock leading right up to the lake. See him drop his clothes quick and pose around a bit for you all nude and proud and once he does that, he takes a running start and jumps right in. Do enjoy the view of him doing this multiple times and showing off his body all nude and wet for you too. We have a feeling that you will see much more of him in the future as well. Until then enjoy the gallery and the fun that the guy gets to have all nude prancing about!

Enjoy watching Steven swimming butt naked!

Mark Wahlberg in The Corruptor

It’s that time again and you know what that means. There’s some all new and all fresh tabloid men scenes to be seen here with some more male movie stars getting kinky and this week we have none other than the one and only Mark Wahlberg getting to show off for you. The scene is of course from one of his latest movies and he looks as great as always starring in it. In the amazing show, you can see him posing around mostly nude so just take a seat for this amazing tabloidmen scene and check him out as he gets to pose nude for you all. Well at least semi and let’s be frank, Mark here looks amazing no matter what he does doesn’t he?

Once the cameras roll, you can see him in his living room all brooding and stuff and as we said he gets to undress at least partly. You can watch him take off the shirt and walk around like that as he does his thing. We’re sure that you will get plenty of view of that torso from every angle with him here today and there will be much more where this came from to see next week. For now we’re leaving you with this to explore and see just how far it goes, and be sure that the next week’s scene is going to be just as juicy. So yeah, have fun, enjoy and all that and we’ll be back here next week once more to show off one more simply incredible and hot update!


Take a look at hot Mark posing shirtless!

Tabloid Men – Matt Bomer

Another fresh week and time to bring in a new tabloid men scene without delay once more. You know that this site is the best place to drop by and check out when you want to see some sexy guys getting wild and nasty and every single scene every week has some stars that will make you go wild. We always have the best of the best, with their most amazing scenes and without fail you get to see every single second and frame of them getting naughty. Today you can check out this tabloidmen scene with Matt Bomer as he takes the role of a dude in a gay couple and you can see him enjoying some nice sex with his boyfriend here today!


The guys got really horny and steamy and they had to do something about it of course. So their solution? to of course have some superb gay sex that you can all see too and enjoy the whole thing on camera just for you. So yeah, sit back and relax as check out this simply juicy and hot gay fuck with them. There’s a lot that they get to do and trust us that you won’t want to miss a single second of it all. With that being said, this glorious show is yours to check out and we will take our leave for now. We’ll be back next week as always of course, but in the meantime you can check out the past scenes if you want more right now too!

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Marcus Patrick Butt Naked

Hey there guys and gals. We have another tabloid men scene here for you and we know what you like to see as always. The main star in this show is Marcus Patrick and this is a gallery that you most definitely do not want to miss out on for sure. Let’s get right to it and check out the muscled star as he gets to have a blast playing around for your viewing pleasure this afternoon and putting on display every inch of that muscular body too. The naughty and hot little tabloidmen scene here with him is one that is truly worthy of all the attention and you know it. So let’s just get to see the guy getting kinky and playing by himself today!

It seems that he ends up playing on that red rug on the floor, but don’t worry, he’s more than horny, so he doesn’t really care where he gets to be naughty as long as everyone will let him do that today. So yeah, take the time to see him strip and enjoy teasing you as he reveals himself bit by bit to all of you. Once he is butt naked, you can see him take his spot there as mentioned previously and he begins to play naughty with himself all over. He lets you check out a lot in his scene here and we’re sure that we’ll see more of him in the future too. Until next time, take care and enjoy the view with this hot stud here!


Enjoy watching Marcus posing completely naked!

Tabloid Men – Jamie Dornan

Welcome once more to tabloid men, the best site on the internet to come and check out when you want to check out your favorite movie stars getting down and dirty for the cameras and you in the various multitude of scenes that they got to star in. This week we want to show off Jamie Dornan, a superbly hot stud that got to rise to fame recently and he seems to be loving all the attention. And that’s why he was very very willing to get to undress for everyone today too as to say thanks and show off the appreciation in kind. So yeah, this tabloidmen scene had the hot and juicy guy take his time to undress for you all in a superb photo shoot today!


Rest assured that Jamie here knows just how to be a tease and show off t you all too. He starts with his shirt and you can see him showing off his torso. Then he moves lower and lower and you can see him working on his pants as well after that too. Once he was all nice and nude, you can finally see him enjoy the time he has as he begins to pose for you from various angles and showing off amazingly hot and sexy poses for you all to check out. Just take the time with them here today and we’ll be sure to bring you more. We hope to have another one of these from him soon as well as he was just amazing with it throughout. Well either way goodbye for now!

Take a look at Jamie posing completely naked!

Hot Joe Manganiello

You are here once more and like we promised a new tabloid men scene is ready to be revealed. And for a special little surprise today you get to see Joe Manganiello in action too. As you know this guy was on the main cast of Baywatch and he still looks drop dead gorgeous to this day here. Well he’s all set to get to take a step back and put that muscular body of his on display for you all as he gets to have his time to shine and it’s one that you cannot skip over. And shine it does in this tabloidmen scene as the guy gets to play in a lifeguard tower with that warm summer sun washing all over his amazingly hot and sexy body in this one!

So yeah, right from the start, you can see that he straight up shows off in his red trademark shorts. And while he comes to the balcony of that little building, you can see him finally start to pose around and show off his glorious body for you all to check out. He makes sure to reveal it from every single possible angle for you and that means that there are plenty of images to see him get naughty here in this one for today. We’ll be back again next week and we’ll have yet more shows for you all nice and ready. So yeah, see you all then everyone and enjoy the glorious show with Joe here this afternoon. Bye bye and we’ll see you again soon!


Take a look at Joe showing off his ripped body!

Tabloid Men – Harry Judd

As another fresh week swings by, we have another amazing and hot tabloid men scene to reveal to you as always and we bet that you will just adore it too. The main star of this one is Harry Judd and he himself gets to have his own time in the lime light today too. He just started in a juicy and sexy photo shoot for a magazine and of course that’s public access now. But you get to see it here first as well exclusively in terms of internet presence and we can assure you that it is just smoking hot. Sit back and watch this all new and all fresh tabloidmen scene with the guy as he gets to show off his muscled body for you and the cameras this afternoon!


You know that there’s only the best of the best to see here and this scene was no exception either. Check out Judd here as he gets to take off his shirt slowly and show you those rippling muscles of his. Take the time to see him posing around shirtless and once he’s done with that see him teasing with some more too. Well with that being said, we want to let you all explore the rest for yourselves. We’ll be returning again next week with more and you can expect to see juicy stuff as always. There will be another hot male star to reveal and more of his naughty scenes of course. All you need to do is just stay tuned and catch them all without fail. See you next time guys!

Check out sexy Harry posing shirtless!

James Marsden Naked

This week’s fresh and new tabloid men show is here and it has more of what you love to see, namely more male movie stars that look simply amazing and are all ready to get to play for you and the cameras too. This week you get to see James Marsden all naked and we’re sure it’s going to be quite the eye candy for you all too. It’s of course from one of his most recent movies and he got to have a solo scene where he got to show off his birthday suit pretty much fully and everyone gets to have a look at those nude curves in perfect detail. So yeah, like usual, let’s just get this amazing and hot tabloidmen scene on the road to see him in some action shall we?

So yeah, the scene had him undress and you can most definitely sit back and check out the guy taking his time to strip from his clothes slowly. That torso with those rippling muscles is the best thing ever and he knows it too. But soon he gets to drop those pants and underwear as well and let you see his dick and cute round ass as well on camera. Be sure to not skip over a single image in this gallery to fully see the nudes of him. We’re sure that that will keep you busy until next time, when you get to check out another simply amazing and fresh show with some more amazing and horny studs. We’ll be back again soon!


Watch here James getting butt naked!

Tabloid Men – Christian Keyes

Today’s new and fresh tabloid men update is here and the main attraction in this one is Christian Keyes. You know him we bet, from all his famous roles and in this update you get to see a gallery with him showing off his whole body to you all in an amazing and juicy solo show in which he gets to be as naughty as he wants for you all to see and check out. So yeah, let’s get that show going here today and just check out this hot guy in some action shall we? We bet that you will enjoy the tabloidmen action once again with Mr Keyes here and that incredible body of his is something to look at for sure. So yeah let’s not delay any longer!


As he makes his entry, you can see that he is sporting a nice and long satin robe with a dragon on the back and he slowly makes his way to the chair that he aims to take a seat on and enjoy showing off his body to you all. As he takes the robe off, you can see that his shorts are the same and on top of that you get a nice and full frontal view of his amazing abs as well. There’s more that gets to go down here but we’ll let you discover that for yourselves okay? We’ll be seeing you once again next week with another new collection of hot images and more hot make movie stars getting wild and naughty. See you then and don’t forget to drop by!

Check out this hunk showing off his six pack!

Group Striptease

Hey there everyone. Did you love last week’s nice and hot tabloid men scene with some sexy stripping? well you came back at just the right time to see a group of guys this time following in those footsteps. We’re sure that you will recognize the movie and the actors so we’re sure that no introductions are necessary as all of them are recognizable. Well, coming back to the action, what you get to see in this one is this group of guys having fun with showing off their bodies as well and the kinky lingerie under their pants too. Let’s get those tabloidmen cameras rolling and let’s just watch these four guys having their fun playing on camera for everyone!

Well obviously the live audience had quite a lot to see and they were really happy about it but we bet that you will be just as happy to get to see this go down with them. Their song starts to play and the guys begin their little play session by taking off the shirts. Then it’s the pants and you can see them reveal some really sexy stripper underwear. At this point the crows was going crazy and you can see why as they were all looking quite exquisite. Well we’ll leave you with this for now and we’ll see you again next week once more. We plan on having much much more new and fresh content for you to check out as per usual as well! Bye!


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