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Tabloid Men – Robbie Amell

The main man of this tabloid men scene here is none other than the well known star named Robbie Amell and he has a special little gallery to show off to you all this afternoon. This is from his most recent movie and as you can see, it’s the exact cut of him getting naked and kinky for the cam. He gets to do this at the locker room with some company, but it seems that the plot required him to get nude, or at least semi nude. That’s no problem though as there’s plenty of him to see in this tabloidmen gallery and he know he’s going to have your attention for the whole thing. So sit back, and enjoy seeing him all shirtless and being the tease that he usually is too!

The man had to work out and put on quite some muscle for this role and it really shows in how good he looks. He seems really really eager to get to show this off to you so you can bet that you will enjoy it. It’s a scene that was featured at as well, so you can take the time and visit that site too if it’s to your tastes. But moving on past that subject, sit back and watch the guy just posing shirtless around the lockers and being a tease as we said. We’re sure that you will adore him and you can rest assured that there will be more of him in future shows too. We’ll be off for now, leaving you to enjoy the whole treat too!

Robbie Amell

Watch here this guy posing shirtless!

Tabloid Men – Kit Harington

Hey there guys and welcome back to some more all new tabloid men scenes this week and another celebrity dude that gets to put his body on display for you. As you can see, this afternoon we have a juicy and hot image gallery featuring none other than the current King in the North from Game of thrones, Jon Snow, aka Kit Harington. You get to have exclusive access to a slew of images featuring the amazing looking stud as he gets to do some posing. So let’s get ready, sit back and relax and see him showing off his nude body from the show on the tabloidmen cameras once again just for you this fine afternoon shall we? we bet that you’ll adore this one!

Kit Harington

Well you can be certain that the hot Kit was going to take his time to show off as well and he knows that you’ll be paying close attention to what’s going down. Anyway, Kit is a very attractive man and while his character in the show knows nothing, the real Kit knows quite a lot. In this worthy show, you can see the guy showing off how he likes to be quite the tease for you all and you can see him taking his time to play naughty and kinky for you all to check out here today. So yeah, let’s get right to the action and just enjoy the show. We’ll have more nude celebs for you to see and enjoy next week too!

Click here to see Kit showing off his great body!

Tyson Beckford

Another fresh week and time to see some more amazing and hot tabloid men scenes go down here with some more hot studs of course. As you all know, this site is truly the best place to come and visit as stated before when you want to see the fresh new scoops on your favorite stars getting all naked and naughty and this scene right here is no different either. We have another juicy guy, namely Tyson Beckford as he gets to play for you in a simply stunning solo scene this afternoon and you simply must check out his tabloidmen scene. Well either way, let’s see Tyson get naked in this show here today and expose his glorious body on camera!


The sexy ebony stud was all prepared as soon as the cameras began to work his body from every angle and you can see him confidently showing off those pecks and abs as he poses around. He still gets to wear his shorts for a good part of the show, but you can bet that he takes them off as well so that you can see his big black cock too. Either way, make sure that you get to see him pose and play for you for this one and see him showing every inch from every angle as he poses sensually for you all. We’ll of course return soon with more, and on top of that you can also check out the past updates for even more naughty action!

Take a look at Tyson showing off his amazing body!

Tabloid Men – Cam Gigandet

Hey there guys and gals. Welcome back to tabloid men and some more of our classy and hot scenes featuring hot muscled male stars showing off their bodies on camera for you all to check out and see. You know we always have the best and this week we want to show you Mr Cam Gicandet in action as he gets to put that sexy body on display as well. He gets to have a talk with his costar in the scene of course as you can see, but that hall happens while he gets to be mostly nude and just wearing a towel too. And before this tabloidmen show is ended, you can bet that he drops that as well. So yeah, let’s watch him all nude today shall we?

The scene basically has him talking to a lady as he lays in bed after what was probably a long long night of sweet loving, but now the two seem to be at a standstill. They are arguing about something lightly but just like you all, the babe has issues focusing, when she can clearly see most of his amazing body put on display here today. And it gets even better as we said when he finally gets to drop down his towel as well. Either way, sit back and check out the action yet again that’s here just for your eyes and have fun with it all. We’ll return again next week and we’ll have some more new content for you to see as per usual!


Watch here Cam showing off his hot body!

The Lookout

Well, you came at just the right time to see another new tabloid men scene here with another male actor having fun showing off his amazing body. You all know we have the best of the best always to show off and this was no different. The scene is from the movie The Lookout and what we have for you is the scene of the main guy getting around to walk around the house all naked and showing off everything mother nature gave him of course. So yeah, it’s a pretty sweet and juicy tabloidmen scene that you just have to see and rest assured that you will want to see everything regarding this dude’s naked body here today!


So yeah, the scene of the movie starts of course with the guy waking up from his nap and going for the fridge to get something refreshing as it was hot as all hell. And that’s why he was also sleeping nude of course. Well either way, he makes his way to the fridge and all along the way, he gets to flaunt everything for you to check out as well of course. So yeah, watch the guy as he gets to put his cute butt on display with this scene and do remember to come back again next week for another new and fresh update. Meanwhile you will have this one to explore and enjoy for the week. Anyway, see you ladies and gents then with some more special content!

Watch here this hot guy posing completely naked!

Tabloid Men – Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier is today’s tabloid men guest star as it were and you can bet that you have some juicy things to see involving him today. See, the guy was on vacation, but his paparazzi are never taking a break and they were really really eager to get to see this guy more naked. That’s why they got to trail him to a beach and they got to have some fun shooting pics of him enjoying and relaxing. So sit your asses down as well and take your time to check out this nice and fine tabloidmen scene with Adrian as he gets to have his fun at the beach. We can guarantee that you will get to see him wet and acting naughty today too!

The guy seems to be there all alone which is great as there’s not many people around either and no one seems to recognize him either. Well, once the action truly begins, the guy claims his spot on the beach and then just goes for it in the water. See him getting nice and wet and you can take the time to enjoy him sunbathing today. If you stick around for just a little longer you will see him take off the pants too as he wants an equal tan all over his hot body too. So yeah, enjoy the whole thing and we’ll return once more in the future with some more new content! Until then, just enjoy this one and have fun!


Take a look at Adrian’s hot body!

Tabloid Man – Tyson Kobie

Another fresh week and time to see another new and fresh tabloid men scene here with some more amazing guys getting nude for you all to see too. This time we get to enjoy the company of Tyson Kobie in this one, a fine black stud that has a dreamy body of course and he has some amazing fun with the rest of his friends at a pool party. He gets to be fully nude in this one and there’s no way you can miss out on this if you’re a fan of his for sure. So yeah, let those nice tabloidmen cameras roll once again and get ready to see the sexy Tyson as he shows off every inch of his naked muscular body at this pool party here today!


They all decided to get to have some fun with one another and put on a bit of a show for the rest as they had some of the guys around undress and reveal their amazing curves. So yeah, Tyson here was one of the first to sign up as he just loves the attention and you can bet that the rest of the people around were happy too as everyone just adores this guy all nude. So maybe this isn’t the first time that he gets to do this? Either way, it makes for some amazingly fun shows with the guy and we bet that you will enjoy your stay too. We’ll see you next week again of course with even more so do drop by!

Enjoy watching Tyson getting butt naked at a pool party!

Steve Weatherford Shirtless

For this week’s all new and all fresh tabloid men scene you get to see Steve Weatherford in some action all by himself. The jock movie star has a solo scene all ready and lined up for you to check out and it’s just juicy to say the least. Since he got to put on some muscle for his latest role, the stud was more than eager to get to show it all off to you and what the result of what hard work looks like. So yeah, as soon as we get started with the show, check him out getting naughty and kinky in this tabloidmen scene and take your time to see him have fun as he gets around to pose and show off his naked muscled body to you all this afternoon!

So yeah, when the whole thing starts off, the guy can be seen starting to undress and he sure knows how to put on a good show for everyone to see too. He can be seen flaunting those curves as the first thing that comes off is his top to show off the upper body. Then it’s the pants and undies to show off the rest and of course that means his cute ass and his big dick as well. Just sit back and enjoy the view of this guy having some great fun as he poses all naked for you and be sure that you get to see the blue eyed guy show off some more in future scenes as well. We’ll be seeing you next week with some more new content!


Take a look at this inked guy showing off his great body!

Tabloid Men – Thomas Jane

For today’s amazing and hot little tabloid men scene we have a superb new show for you and the main star of it today is none other than Thomas Jane and his superbly hot and sexy little scene in which he gets to star all nude along side another actor as well. So you can get to see a pretty amazing and sensual little scene that they get to share with one another in front of you all. By the looks of it, the two were enjoying a bath, but ended up doing more than just that and like we said, you get to see it all unfold. Let’s get the tabloidmen cameras rolling and let’s see the two hot guys in some naughty action today!


The scene begins with the two hot and sexy jocks undressing and getting ready to get in the tub. And while they get to be butt naked for the bath scene, you can see them undressing and taking off each other’s clothes as well. It’s just a treat to see the muscled bodies fully revealed and what’s even better when the two get out of the water you can see them all nice and wet as well. We hope that you will have fun checking them out getting kinky for you and you can come back again next week to check out yet another new and fresh scene with more male stars getting to be naughty and kinky. We’ll be waiting for you right here everyone, so make sure to drop by!

Check out these two jocks getting butt naked!

Stephen “tWitch” Boss

Hey there again everyone, we have a brand new tabloid men scene to reveal to you and it’s truly amazing and juicy as per usual. You can see another amazing looking and sexy black man all ready to get down and dirty for you and his name is Stephen tWitch Boss. He’s a DJ and he knows how to put on a good tune for everyone to enjoy as well. Well music isn’t the only thing that he gets to put on for you today as you can see, since he will be having some fun showing off his sexy nude body in this glorious and hot tabloidmen scene. So yeah, let’s kick back and relax as we get to see Mr Boss put on display his simply amazing muscled body!

Well mostly nude. He was on Ellen’s show and he wanted to do something a big special for his fans. That’s why you get to see him taking his time to show off his hard earned six pack abs in the show. This one is more or less for those lady fans out there but that doesn’t mean that any of you can’t enjoy the whole thing. So just take some time with it here and check out Boss having his fun showing off his abs and pecs for you all and the cameras without delay. We are sure that you will appreciate the naughty scene and you can rest easy knowing that we have another one all lined up and ready to show off to you all next week as well!


Watch here tWitch showing off his six pack!