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Tabloid Men – Christian Keyes

Today’s new and fresh tabloid men update is here and the main attraction in this one is Christian Keyes. You know him we bet, from all his famous roles and in this update you get to see a gallery with him showing off his whole body to you all in an amazing and juicy solo show in which he gets to be as naughty as he wants for you all to see and check out. So yeah, let’s get that show going here today and just check out this hot guy in some action shall we? We bet that you will enjoy the tabloidmen action once again with Mr Keyes here and that incredible body of his is something to look at for sure. So yeah let’s not delay any longer!


As he makes his entry, you can see that he is sporting a nice and long satin robe with a dragon on the back and he slowly makes his way to the chair that he aims to take a seat on and enjoy showing off his body to you all. As he takes the robe off, you can see that his shorts are the same and on top of that you get a nice and full frontal view of his amazing abs as well. There’s more that gets to go down here but we’ll let you discover that for yourselves okay? We’ll be seeing you once again next week with another new collection of hot images and more hot make movie stars getting wild and naughty. See you then and don’t forget to drop by!

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