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Tabloid Men – Channing Tatum

You are here at the right time guys to check out a new tabloid men scene once more with some more amazing looking studs that get down and dirty with one another, or just get kinky on camera for you all to see. So yeah, this week we have none other than the one and only hot stud Channing Tatum strutting his stuff and you get to see it all go down. Obviously it’s a scene from a movie he starred in and as you can see it’s quite juicy. He and a black buddy of his get around to play on a stage and do some pretty amazing stripping for you all to see and that audience there. So yeah, check out this fresh and new tabloidmen scene here and see the whole thing unfold!


As the two make their entry you can see Tatum and his buddy wearing nothing but some jeans and looking nice and sexy in them too. They get to take them off too of course and it’s when the show truly begins with them and their strip show. See them put nothing aside and watch as every single inch of those bodies gets put on display without delay this fine afternoon here today. We’ll be seeing you guys and gals soon enough with some more content, but until then we hope that you will enjoy this truly. There’s a lot that these two get to do on stage so you can rest easy knowing that you have quite a lot to see in it!

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