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Mark Wahlberg in The Corruptor

It’s that time again and you know what that means. There’s some all new and all fresh tabloid men scenes to be seen here with some more male movie stars getting kinky and this week we have none other than the one and only Mark Wahlberg getting to show off for you. The scene is of course from one of his latest movies and he looks as great as always starring in it. In the amazing show, you can see him posing around mostly nude so just take a seat for this amazing tabloidmen scene and check him out as he gets to pose nude for you all. Well at least semi and let’s be frank, Mark here looks amazing no matter what he does doesn’t he?

Once the cameras roll, you can see him in his living room all brooding and stuff and as we said he gets to undress at least partly. You can watch him take off the shirt and walk around like that as he does his thing. We’re sure that you will get plenty of view of that torso from every angle with him here today and there will be much more where this came from to see next week. For now we’re leaving you with this to explore and see just how far it goes, and be sure that the next week’s scene is going to be just as juicy. So yeah, have fun, enjoy and all that and we’ll be back here next week once more to show off one more simply incredible and hot update!


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