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Group Striptease

Hey there everyone. Did you love last week’s nice and hot tabloid men scene with some sexy stripping? well you came back at just the right time to see a group of guys this time following in those footsteps. We’re sure that you will recognize the movie and the actors so we’re sure that no introductions are necessary as all of them are recognizable. Well, coming back to the action, what you get to see in this one is this group of guys having fun with showing off their bodies as well and the kinky lingerie under their pants too. Let’s get those tabloidmen cameras rolling and let’s just watch these four guys having their fun playing on camera for everyone!

Well obviously the live audience had quite a lot to see and they were really happy about it but we bet that you will be just as happy to get to see this go down with them. Their song starts to play and the guys begin their little play session by taking off the shirts. Then it’s the pants and you can see them reveal some really sexy stripper underwear. At this point the crows was going crazy and you can see why as they were all looking quite exquisite. Well we’ll leave you with this for now and we’ll see you again next week once more. We plan on having much much more new and fresh content for you to check out as per usual as well! Bye!


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